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SulcoPassion is all you should know about the cultivation of Sulcorebutia, Weingartia and Cintia. It is hundreds of photos of these plants in cultivation or in the field. It is also tens of articles, recent or less recent, that are made available to you.

SulcoPassion, is the kind of website I would have been pleased to find when I started my collection in the early 2000’s.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have pleasure to work on it.

Have a nice visit ! ! !


Latest news

June 19, 2020

Some pages have been added in the Gertel Gallery :

115 - 124
125 - 149

151 - 174

June 6, 2020
This is a very new article by Johan Pot : « This is… » It was published in German in the latest issue of Echinopseen. Johan was so kind to send me the translation in English.
Read « This is… »

April 28, 2020

This is an article which was on the website of Willi Gertel : « Interessante Sulcorebutien ». This website having been deleted, this is your chance to have a look at it.
Read « Interessante Sulcorebutien »

April 1, 2020

The Gertel Gallery is growing. The page « G 102-114 » is now on line. Enjoy !

Visit the page

March 20, 2020

Willi Gertel was kind enough to give me the photos of the plants of his whole field list. This represents approximately 2700 photos. So I created a new gallery to show you all that.

It takes a long time to format this gallery. I therefore present to you the beginning of this hard work! It’s done until the G 99, which already makes several hundred photos. I'll post the rest of the work as it progresses.
I hope you’ll enjoy the new way of presenting enlarged photos (slideshow).

Visit the Gertel’s gallery

March 8, 2020

Several pages of the site have been updated. It is mainly about updating links. Nothing really new but mostly removing dead links.

Articles on the WWW

February 25, 2020

These are 2 articles from the journal Cactus & Co. :

- Una novità passata in sordina : Cintia knizei KNIZE & RÍHA (Alberto Marvelli - 1997)

- In the dinosaurs’ footsteps (Alessandro Gentili - 2016)

As usual in Cactus & Co., the articles are in Italian and in English.
For the latter article, if you want to enjoy all the beauty of the photos, I advise you to display 2 pages at a time in your PDF reader, because several are straddling 2 pages.

Read « Una novità… »
Read « In the dinosaurs’… »

December 27, 2019

In last August I visited Ingo Breuer at Eden Plants. This is a short report of the visit.

Read the report

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