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A new e-book has been published by « Au cactus francophone » : A life devoted to Sulcorebutia (Collection of pictures) Volume 1 by Willi Gertel. The book has been compiled by Daniel Schweich who is in charge of the library of « Au cactus francophone ».
The introduction is in 3 languages (German, English and French). Willi Gertel tells two « dramatic » anecdotes during his journeys in Bolivia. He also explains the numbering of his discoveries.
The caption of the photos are only in English but very easy to understand : basically you get the name of the plant, the location and the altitude.
The book presents in photo the G field numbers in the wild but also in collection for some of them in order to realise how the plant can look different depending on the growing conditions.
There are only 2 large photos by page : so, imagine the show !

This e-book will be followed by two other volumes.

You can freely download the e-book.
The pdf is about 80 Mo.
Download the book.

Thank to this book I learned that Hansjorg Jucker has now his own website. I did not really have the time to visit this site in depth but here is the link, so you can visit it.

A very, very limited edition of Willi Gertel's book has been printed.
I am one of the lucky owners.
This 288 page book was printed in A4 size. This format allows to present 2 large photos (approximately 18.5 cm x 12.5 cm) per page. The binding is with metal rings. This type of binding allows the open book to be placed flat on a table. Printed on "glossy" paper. The inner pages are in 115g paper and the cover in 300g. I already told you about the content in the presentation of the e-book above!

Willi Gertel and Daniel Schweich (head of the "Cactus Francophone" library are currently looking for a solution so that those of you who wish to own this book can get it at a reasonable price.

March 29, 2021

February 19, 2021


April 19, 2021

Willi Gertel and Daniel Schweich (responsible for the library of the site “Au cactus francophone”) had the good idea to compile in the form of an e-book the photos taken in the field of all the field numbers of Willi Gertel: “A life devoted to Sulcorebutia (Collection of pictures) Volume 1 ».

One good idea leading to another, they had a few copies of this book printed. I was lucky enough to get one.

The book had been printed in Germany, it had passed through France before arriving in my mailbox. It cost me 41.41 €.

I thought it would be nice to be able to offer it to those who follow SulcoPassion. Have it printed here in Belgium and forward it to the interested parties. Unfortunately, it is this last point that is problematic. The shipping costs are so high that it was impossible to offer this book at a reasonable price.

At the same time, Willi and Daniel had also thought about it! But they had the same problem: the shipping costs.

In the end, it seems that the easiest and cheapest way is for everyone to order their own book from the German printer, who enjoys very attractive shipping costs.

To do this, the authors agree to make the PDF / X file necessary for printing the book available free of charge. Warning: this file is over 600 MB!

A "manual" for ordering the book on the printer's website has been written for those interested: as the printer's website is only in German, it is not easy to make it out if you don't speak this language.

In the meantime, the e-book for volume 2 of the work had been posted online. So I ordered volume 2 following the instructions in the "manual" and had no problem at all. The book will cost me all costs included 30.80 €.

Shipping costs vary by country. For the European Union, the highest total price I noticed was around € 37. I haven't checked for other parts of the world!

It is not possible to make a group order for the 2 volumes. You will therefore have to pay shipping costs for each volume.

Of course, if you think you can find a cheaper printer in your own country or if you consider that the shipping costs for your country are very (too) high, do not hesitate!

In this case, just make sure it accepts the PDF/X format offered to you here.

If you've made up your mind, download the PDF/X below. You will need to upload it to the printer's site.

Then download the "manual". When you are on the printer's site, you just need to follow it step by step to place your order.

PDF/X Volume 1

How to place my order

PDF/X Volume 2

PDF/X Volume 3

PDF/X Volume 4